Topics covered in the 20th European Meeting on Fire Retardant Polymeric Materials are the following: 


  • New developments in flame retardants (chemistry, mechanisms, synergy, multifunction, etc.)
  • Innovative flame-retardant materials, textiles and fiber reinforced composites
  • Advanced intumescent systems and coatings with improved fire safety performance (polymers, wood and metal, etc.)
  • Fire-safe energy storage materials (Li-ion batteries, e-powertrain, charging stations, phase change materials, etc.)
  • Flame retardant innovations in emerging industries (e-mobility, construction, 5G telecommunication and new policy, etc.)
  • Sustainability in flame retardant materials (bio-based, environmental impact, circular economy, mechanical/chemical recycling, durability and improved lifespan, etc.)
  • New approaches in the testing and characterization of fire behavior
  • Trends in fire regulations, standardization and testing
  • Modeling, simulation and prediction